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About us

Green Business Innovation, LLC is an independent expert to assist partners to benefit from lowering of carbon emissions, developing resource efficiency and commercialising clean technologies.

Company renders consultancy services in climate change, green technologies, sustainable energy, renewables and innovations.

The company mission is to accelerate the move to green growth and sustainable economy

Climate change adaptation and mitigation:

Agriculture: resource saving technologies, extension cervices, needs assessment;

Environmental Impact Assessment and Social Economic Assessment

Environmental reporting and disclosure

Energy Efficiency and Renewables



Director of Green Business Innovation, cleantech consulting company Specialist in the area of sustainable development, green technologies and innovations Speaker of International and local conferences:


• Sustainable Development,
• Sustainable Energy, Resource management MSc. in Sustainable Development,
St Andrews University, UK
• Trainings in Israel, Europe
• TechWomen-2016 Alumni
• Technovation Challenge Regional Ambassador in Uzbekistan

Trainings and consultancy:

IT and modern communication tools in environmental sector:

Development of Comprehensive Communication Strategy

Trainings for Business, Government Agencies and NGOs

Innovations and ecosystem for greentech startups

Carbon Footprint measurement, Certifications

Traction and Advice for greentech startups

Regional climate change and mitigation projects:

Regional Partnership development

Share best practices in Central Asia

Support women in tech initiatives:

Technovation project in Uzbekistan: supporting young girls to innovate and use IT for solving community problems


Initiator/Co-organizer of Central Asian Women in Tech and Science Week

Green Business Platform

Startup Conference StartupMix

Representative in Uzbekistan, Curiosity Machine, Artificial Intelligence Family Challenge


The company represents ClimateLaunchpad in Uzbekistan, largest startup acceleration programme in Climate Change

Executive partner of Smart WaterLab, first in Uzbekistan cleantech startups acceleration programme

Co-organiser of the first in Uzbekistan CAT Science Accelerator


Working experience with international organizations on project development, implementation, monitoring, including data and policy level analysis and stakeholder consultations.

Experience of working with Government partners and Businesses

Extensive experience in coordination and organization of high level missions, PR events and seminars.

Extensive experience in project management, particularly in environment and energy projects.

Environment and energy policies and regulations

Experience of working with Government partners and Businesses on green projects

Good knowledge in the following fields:

Sustainable Development policy analysis

Climate Change

Energy Efficiency in residential and public buildings

Energy Audit

Renewables and green technologies

Business aspects of Solar projects

Design Thinking and lean start up methodologies in greentech projects

Our Competencies and Products